Uploading Photos in OrgPlus RealTime Express

Adding photos to OrgPlus RealTime Express

1. It’s recommended to name your photos with the employee first and last name.  Acceptable files formats: .png, .jpg, .bmp, and .jpegSave photos to accessible location.


2. Update your data source – Add the photo names to the respective employees under your “Photo” column. Whatever name is assigned in the photo location should match what is on your data sheet. File extensions must be included in photo name.


3. Upload your updated data source into the application. See updating employee data for more details.


4. Click the Upload photos icon


4. Click on the Browse button


5. Select all photos. Click Open.


6. Click Save


Note: Photo is the default title header for all photo images. The column header must be titled Photo. If your photos are not displaying, verify that you have a view selected that includes photo in the view name.