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Get the automated org chart solution that aggregates your data and brings insight to management decisions

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Take Your Business to the Next Level with OrgPlus RealTime Professional

Insperity OrgPlus RealTime Professional is a user-friendly organizational chart maker that allows you to visualize your company in a professional dynamic structure. In just a few clicks, turn key business data into actionable intel that will help you make smarter, more strategic decisions.

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Advantages of using a data-rich online org chart and planning tool

Get the automated org chart solution that aggregates your data and brings insight to management decisions

  • Easily build and update boardroom-quality org charts to facilitate planning
  • Compare diversity and pay equality companywide
  • Visually identify key employees and high performers
Organizational charting insight

Visualize company data to find potential strategic advantages

  • Make better decisions with a more-informed perspective
  • Leverage data to analyze business opportunities and risks
  • Use extensive profile details to help manage mergers and acquisitions
Org chart company strategy

Optimize your workforce and increase organizational stability using your company data

  • Model “what if” scenarios for potential organizational changes
  • Use an easy-to-read, yet data-rich org chart to help define a succession plan
  • Create an optimal workforce structure that meets your business needs
Org chart planning

Collaborate in real-time with decision-makers, departments or whole company

  • Easily make changes and share with team members as needed
  • Establish an employee directory that the entire company can access online
  • Upload employee photos, customize views and select number of data fields needed

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