Time and attendance

Quickly view data at a glance to see when departments and divisions exceed budgeted hours. OrgPlus allows you to visualize your company’s timekeeping data and can help managers to keep work schedules on track.

Retention and turnover

Examining turnover rates can help identify problems in your company. High turnover may denote an ineffective or overzealous manager. Increased turnover among your star players may point to a lack of upward mobility or a faulty compensation strategy.

Budget and planning

Having a small business organizational chart equipped with the salary rollup metric gives you the ability to visualize the total cost of their workforce and make more accurate projections for the coming months, quarters, and years.

Call center activities

You can apply the roll up metric to other areas as well. If you have a support call center, for example, the performance metrics can be tracked and rolled up to different managers in the organization.

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