Best Practices for publishing your chart to HTML

OrgPlus RealTime Professional now offers the ability to publish your chart or plan to HTML. Below are the Best Practices and relevant information for publishing your chart to HTML.


  • Recommend uploading files to a web server or SharePoint site instead of distributing zip file around. (note: Before uploading new published files to your web server, we recommend removing previously published files. This ensures that your users see latest charts.)
  • Create a View specifically for publishing
    • Should contain only the fields that any employee can view
    • Should include the same fields established for searching on the domain ex. First Name, Last Name, Full Name, Email, etc.

Browser Compatibility
Chrome (note: Due to Google’s implementation of the Same Origin Policy, published HTML files are only visible when stored on a Web Server like IIS or Apache.)

  • Internet Explorer: 10 or 11
  • Firefox 69
  • Safari 10