How do I add a supplemental file?

Multi-source data aggregation

OrgPlus RealTime allows you to utilize multiple data sources to visualize everything on one chart. For example, visualize data from your HRIS, time and attendance, performance management, sales, finance, store/franchise, call center and manufacturing systems. 

  1. Click the Administration tab administration-tab.
  2. Click Update Data update-data-btn.
  3. Select the Add Supplemental File button add-supplemental-file.
  4. Click Browse to select your data source file.
  5. Select the file and click Open.
  6. Click Save save-btn.


NOTE: For each data source, a single column header must match as the primary key. For example, your HRIS system may have Person ID as the unique identifier for each person. In your sales data, you would need a column with the same column header name, Person ID, and corresponding data. Additionally, you can use different data types if your time and attendance exports CSV, and your primary data is XLSX.