How do I publish and share my org chart?

OrgPlus RealTime Express has four publishing options: Adobe PDF, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel and HTML. The following instructions will walk you through publishing an organizational with navigable sub-charts.

1. Click the share icon to reveal the drop-down options. Select PDF.


2. Chart Tab: There are several options for publishing your chart. Select these items in chart tab.

  • Entire Chart under chart contents
  • Autofit for box size
  • Expand Collapsed Branches
  • Include Sub-Charts Arrows


3. Book Tab: There are a number of options for publishing an org chart such as including a cover page and a table of contents. For this example, these options will be omitted. Deselect the following:

  • Include Cover Page
  • Include Table of Contents
  • Include Index Page


4. Page Tab: You have the option to include additional content by customizing the page header and footer, page orientation and page size. For this example, deselect all items. Click Publish.


5. Open the PDF file to view the published chart.

Publish Chart Sample

6. Should you need additional help watch the following tutorial.

Try out a number of the custom settings while publishing your org chart.