Are the field names important?


The fields used to establish the chart hierarchy must use the following field names: “Person ID” and “Supervisor ID”.

Person ID is a unique identifier for each employee.

Supervisor ID identifies the Person ID for an employee’s supervisor.

Users can import ten additional fields. Some examples are shown below in the table below. You’re not required to use the suggested field names shown; however, the prebuilt Views (Employee Directory, Org Chart + Department, etc.) use the suggested field names. If you change the field names in your employee data file, then you will be required to edit the Views so that the fields display properly.

To edit a View(s) click the Gear icon oprte-gear located in the upper left to navigate to the Administration section. Click the Views button.

Field Name Description Type
Full Name The complete employee name. Text
Job Title Employee job title. Text
Department Example: Marketing, sales, operations etc… Text
Work Phone Work phone number. Text
Work Phone Extension Work phone number extension. Text
Mobile Phone Mobile phone number. Text
Office Location This can be a label (New York), or label with URL

Employee data file: New York: http://…

Employee box within the chart: New York

Work Email Unique email address for an employee. Text
Is Assistant An indicator that identifies the employee as an administrative assistant. Y = yes, N = no Text
Photo Employee photo. Example: Jane_Adams.jpg Image
AltReportsTo Use this field to identify employees that report to multiple managers (matrix manager). Insert the Person ID for each manager separated by a semi-colon: xyz123;abc567 Text
Salary Employee’s salary Number