Importing Auxiliary Reports


In OrgPlus, auxiliary reporting lines are inserted into charts using the auxiliary line tool. Some users may want to draw auxiliary reporting lines based on data. In order to do this, you must add the auxiliary reporting advanced data field to your data and specify which records to connect with an auxiliary line.

The following procedure describes how to add the auxiliary reports advanced data field to your data and specify the auxiliary reporting relationship.


The following procedure is an example of how to calculate years with the company based on a start date.

  • Insert a new column named AuxReportsTo in your data.
  • For each record with an auxiliary reporting relationship, enter the auxiliary manager ID value in the AuxReportsTo column; use semicolons to separate multiple auxiliary managers for a single record.
    ID Reports To AuxReportsTo Name Title
    1 Lynn Brewer CEO
    2 1 Larry Stevens VP Sales
    3 1 Claire Chancellor VP Engineering
    4 1 Fred Barnes VP Marketing
    5 2 4 Gary Truman Director Sales/Marketing
    6 3 Martin Sawyer Director Engineering
  • Open OrgPlus.
  • Select Import Data under the File tab.  The Import Wizard dialog is displayed.
  • Select “I have employee data and it is ready to be imported.”
  • Click Get Started
  • Select your data source and click the Open button. Follow the steps in the Import Data Wizard to import your data into OrgPlus.


For more information on importing data and into OrgPlus please see the OrgPlus User Guide