Creating Sub-charts


Large charts can be subdivided into sub-charts. For example, an organization with four divisions can be presented as five sub-charts – one for the executive team, and one for each division.


To insert a manual sub-chart break:

  • Select a box in your chart that will be the top position in your new sub-chart.
  • Click the Insert tab and select Insert from the Sub-Chart section.


The sub-chart is created.

To remove selected sub-chart breaks:

  • Select any boxes containing a sub-chart break KBCSC_02.
  • Click the Insert tab and select Remove from the Sub-Chart section. The selected sub-charts are removed.

To remove all sub-chart breaks in the entire chart:

  • Click the Insert tab and select Remove All from the Sub-Chart section. All sub-chart breaks are removed from the chart.

To create sub-charts using the Sub-chart Wizard:

  • Click the Insert tab, and select Create from the Sub-Chart section. The Create Sub-charts dialog box is displayed.


  • Define your sub-charting options as follows:
    • Create Sub-charts: Select one of the following criteria according to which sub-chart breaks should be created.
      • Every: Creates a sub-chart break at every nth level in the chart.
      • Using Field: Creates a sub-chart at each occurrence of the field.
      • At Level: Creates a sub-chart break at the specified levels. (Separate level numbers by comma.)
      • Condition: Defines a condition based on complex criteria. The Condition dialog is displayed.
      • Break only if branch has at least: To specify a minimum number of boxes in a branch, select this checkbox and enter the number in the text box provided.
    • Name Sub-charts: Specify how each sub-chart page should be named. Select from:
      • From Field: All sub-charts are based on the value of the specified field. The field value is extracted from a box when a sub-chart break is inserted.
    • Apply to: Specify whether the sub-chart rules are to be applied to the Entire Chart, the Active sub-chart, or the current Selection.
    • Show Sub-chart panel: Click this radio button to view the Sub-Chart panel after you have created your sub-chart.
  • Click OK. The chart is sub-charted according to the selected options.

To display the Sub-charts panel:

Select the Sub-charts tab at the bottom of the Panels pane:


If the Sub-charts tab is not shown, click the View tab and select Sub-charts from the Panels section. The Sub-charts panel is displayed. The Sub-charts panel allows you to easily navigate sub-charts and has the following options:

Icon Name Description
KBCSC_05 Check All Select all sub-charts.
KBCSC_06 Uncheck All Unselect all sub-charts
KBCSC_07 Split Wizard Display the Create Sub-charts dialog box.
KBCSC_08 Send to Excel Export data from selected sub-chart(s) to an Excel spreadsheet.
KBCSC_09 Export Data Export data from selected sub-chart(s) using the Export Data dialog box
KBCSC_10 Reconnect Sub-chart(s) Remove sub-chart breaks from the selected sub charts.
KBCSC_11 Print Sub-charts Print the selected sub-charts.
KBCSC_12 OrgUnit Chart Create a chart of OrgUnits (or departments) from the hierarchy shown in the sub-charts panel.

To rename a sub-chart:

  • Make sure the sub-chart panel is displayed by clicking the View tab and selecting Sub-charts from the Panels section.
  • Double-click a sub-chart from the list.
  • Type in a sub-chart name and hit Enter.