Performance Management is a comprehensive set of processes that measures individual and organizational performance against specific goals. Performance management begins with defining competencies for each job role or function, setting individual goals and measuring individual performance against these goals.

A well thought through, transparent and relevant performance management program facilitates open communication in the organization, improves employee performance and morale and provides valuable feedback to management on overall organizational health.

Performance Management in OrgPlus

OrgPlus can help your organization unify and visualize data that is traditionally stored in multiple systems and provides secure access to goals, performance reviews, survey results and departmental scorecard information.

• OrgPlus allows your company to:
• View competencies defined for each job role, job type, department or employee
• Monitor individual goals and communicate them to the employees
• Track performance against goals
• View historical information about individual and departmental performance
• Highlight performance trends and allocate HR resources efficiently

With OrgPlus, employees can access their goals at any time and managers can evaluate employee performance or view scorecard information for the entire department. Managers can review employees’ historical performance to make promotion, reassignment and bonus payout decisions. Companies with formal bonus plans can use OrgPlus to enforce correct distribution of performance ratings (such as the bell curve or modified bell curve) and estimate bonus payouts. Companies with flexible bonus payout targets can model various payout scenarios to understand the total cost of the program at an aggregate level, or by department. Performance management reports can be integrated with succession planning and learning-management views to provide the decision maker with a holistic view of the organization.

Sophisticated publishing and reporting options make it easy to create custom reports on the fly, and share the information with others. Context-sensitive export to Excel makes it easier to model the data, or add additional information; you can also publish your reports and charts to Adobe PDF or PowerPoint.