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Which edition of OrgPlus RealTime fits your needs?

Express edition

The essential
org chart solution

A smart choice for charting up to 500 employees

  • Chart your organization with up to 10 customizable data fields
  • Import your data for creating quick, visually compelling org charts
  • View, search and update from any web browser
  • Publish and share org charts in Excel, PDF, PowerPoint or HTML

Professional edition

Data-rich online org
chart and planning tool

The insightful org chart and planning tool

  • View, search and update from any web browser
  • Publish and share in Excel, PDF, PowerPoint or HTML
  • Compile and visualize data from multiple systems to find strategic advantages for your company
  • Use extensive profile details and custom-filtered searches to gain insight from company data for decision making and better management of mergers and acquisitions
  • Make quick searches based on relevant criteria to identify key employees and high performers
  • Track and archive proposed changes to share with team members to model “what if” scenarios for potential company changes

Professional edition

Visualize powerful data about your workforce so you can truly see the big picture

Get online org chart software that brings insight to management decisions

  • Drag and drop to easily build and update org charts to facilitate planning
  • Use workforce planning to understand the total cost of your workforce and make more accurate projections
  • Establish a rating system to identify key employees and high performers, even track performance against goals
  • Visualize a wide array of metrics to make better decisions with a more-informed perspective

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Management insight
Leverage data

Draw on your data to develop your master plan

  • Create org charts that measure performance metrics from headcount, salary, performance ratings and more to better navigate mergers and acquisitions
  • Develop reorganization plans to envision potential changes to company structure
  • Use the succession planning tool to help determine how to recruit, develop and prepare employees for advancement
  • Easily share with your management team – publish your charts to your intranet, a network drive or distribute via email

Express edition

Essentials of org charting – create, view and
publish easy-to-read org charts in no time

  • Create custom views, including customized box and font colors
  • Access the application from any browser
  • Quickly import information into Express edition from an Excel spreadsheet
  • Publish and share in Excel, PDF, PowerPoint or HTML
  • Choose to chart 100, 250 or 500 employees
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Insperity OrgPlus RealTime Professional is a user-friendly organizational chart maker that allows you to visualize your company in a professional dynamic structure. In just a few clicks, turn key business data into actionable intel that will help you make smarter, more strategic decisions.
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