Create presentation-quality org charts with little time or effort


Simple org charting

OrgPlus RealTime Express helps small businesses, divisions or departments build and present their organizational framework.


Easily create and share

Manually drawing org charts is time-consuming and uninformative. OrgPlus RealTime lets you import employee data from a spreadsheet and automate creation of your company’s org chart.


Powerful visualization

Looking for a crystal ball that can predict your organization’s future? Org charts give you a clear visual of your people and your possibilities.


Create, view and publish stylish org charts quickly and easily

  • Access the application from your favorite browser
  • Quickly import information from an Excel spreadsheet
  • Print or publish stylish org charts to PDF, PowerPoint or HTML
  • Use org charts for presentations or share them with team members
  • Chart up to 100 employees with the trial

FAQs -Try OrgPlus RealTime Express

What can I expect from the OrgPlus RealTime trial?

Once you’ve signed up for a trial of OrgPlus RealTime, you will be granted access to our Express Edition. If you want a trial of our Professional Edition, contact one of our Business Performance Specialists at 866-859-3239.

What if I need more than what I see in the trial?

There are several options with OrgPlus RealTime. We encourage you to start the trial first to become familiar with the basics of the application and then contact one of our Business Performance Specialists at 866-859-3239 to schedule a consultation, an enhanced trial experience, or to purchase the option that meets your needs.

How do I get my data into OrgPlus RealTime?

You will need a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel. OrgPlus RealTime is file-based and will require you to make changes to a spreadsheet to update the chart. We recommend having a simple list of employees available to make the most of your trial (i.e. company directory). We have in-app help videos to get you started, a manual to walk you through the process, and a sample data file for you to download and use as a template for uploading your data into OrgPlus RealTime.

Is the trial really free?

Yes! You have 14-days to use the application. No payment or credit card is required to sign-up for the free trial. Getting started is fast and easy.

Try it! OrgPlus RealTime Express

Take our Express Edition for a 14-day risk-free test drive. It’s intuitive, has built-in help tools to get you started, and you’ll be creating boardroom-quality org charts in no time.

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