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Express edition


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  • Two users per account
  • Chart up to 100, 250 or 500 employees*
  • Simple and fast presentation-quality org charts
  • Create custom views
  • Custom color selection

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Professional edition

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  • Multiple users per account based on need
  • Choose the number of employee records based on need
  • Rich tools to visualize data and business analytics
  • Auto scheduling to keep data up-to-date
  • Role-based access for all users


Trying OrgPlus RealTime

Once you’ve signed up for a free trial of OrgPlus RealTime, you will be granted access to our Express edition. If you want a trial of our Professional edition, contact one of our Business Performance Specialists at 877-222-0499.
There are several options with OrgPlus RealTime. We encourage you to start the trial first to become familiar with the basics of the application and then contact one of our Business Performance Specialists at 877-222-0499 to schedule a consultation, an enhanced trial experience, or to purchase the option that meets your needs.
You will need a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel. OrgPlus RealTime is file-based and will require you to make changes to a spreadsheet to update the chart. We recommend having a simple list of employees available to make the most of your trial (i.e. company directory). We have in-app help videos to get you started, a manual to walk you through the process, and a sample data file for you to download and use as a template for uploading your data into OrgPlus RealTime.
Yes, you have 14-days to use the application. No payment is required to sign-up for the free trial. Getting started is fast and easy.
After 14-days the free trial period will expire. You can purchase the Express Edition at anytime during the trial period from within the application and your trial account will be converted into a paid account. All of your custom data will be retained. If you need more than a basic directory style org chart or more than 500 boxes, contact one of our Business Performance Specialists at 877-222-0499 to get you started with our Professional Edition.

Purchasing OrgPlus RealTime

Our Express Edition is a completely turn-key product if you are looking to create simple org charts with 500 employees or less. You can purchase an annual subscription from within the free trial. Should you require charting more than 500 employees or need additional features and more advanced functionality, contact one of our business performance specialists for a consultation at 877-222-0499.    Our Professional Edition has many additional options and we recommend you speak with one of our Business Performance Specialists at 877-222-0499 to discuss your specific requirements.
The Express Edition is designed for companies that need to chart 500 or less employees and want a basic directory style org chart with limited HR related employee information. The Professional Edition offers many options and is configurable for businesses that need more flexibility and tracking of key HR metrics.
The Express Edition is ideal for small businesses, departments or divisions looking to create simple org charts.
Start free trial The 14-day free trial is the Express edition. If you need additional functionality, contact one of our business performance specialists at 877-222-0499 for a consultation or to purchase the Professional edition.

Compare editions

Feature Express Edition Professional Edition
Users Two Based on need
Employees charted Up to 500 Based on need
Available 24/7 from your favorite Web browser
Simple, fast, presentation-quality org charts
Automatic updates for all users
Publish to PDF, PowerPoint, Excel or HTML
Schedule employee data updates  
Reveal customer key workforce metrics  
Unlimited employee and business metrics data  
Schedule auto publishing to HTML  
Create custom views, filters and employee profiles  
Role-based access to limit data to certain users  
Data aggregation from multiple sources  
Staging area for creating plans and developing what-if scenarios  
Save archives of your organization for compliance  
Share plans with others and to finalize organizational structure  
Import data from other Insperity and third-party applications