OrgPlus RealTime Express Videos

Insperity OrgPlus RealTime – Business Visualization

Navigating your chart is easy. Pan and zoom to see the different levels of your organization, drill down into a specific branch, or focus on an individual employee.

Insperity OrgPlus RealTime – Role-based Security

With Insperity OrgPlus RealTime, you control not only the information that goes into each chart and how it looks, but also who sees what.

Insperity OrgPlus RealTime – Online Collaboration

Be prepared for a number of workforce changes. Planning and modeling allows you to map out what-if scenarios for succession planning, as well as mergers and acquisitions.

Insperity OrgPlus RealTime – Customizable Views

There’s no need to cram every bit of an employee’s data into one box. You have the power to create and customize different views based on the information you want to see.

Insperity OrgPlus RealTime – Conditional Formatting

Control the appearance of your chart boxes by highlighting data that meets your specified criteria.

Insperity OrgPlus RealTime – Searching and Filters

Use searching and filters to quickly identify the people, metrics and employee data you need.