It's not just creating an org chart anymore...

Visualize your business

Organizational planning starts with the ability to clearly see your company's hierarchy. A corporate snapshot of your organizational structure, usually represented by an organizational chart, establishes a companywide pecking order and displays relevant employee data.

Whether it's simple contact information or in-depth compensation statistics, this visibility into your business makeup gives you the power to make better staffing decisions.

Measure and visualize key business performance metrics such as manufacturing processes, sales performance or call center efficiencies.

Workforce analytics

Workforce analytics is combining employee metrics to identify business needs, analyze HR trends and optimize your organizational structure. Workforce analytics can be used to:

  • Execute succession planning
  • Address budget concerns
  • Identify key employees
  • Reallocate human resources

With OrgPlus, you can use conditional formatting to highlight managers who are over budget, high performers who are flight risks, employees who fit into succession planning, and much more.

Let us show you how OrgPlus can help you analyze your entire workforce.

Optimize your results

Organizational planning is the basis for every workforce and business decision you'll ever make. To make the right calls, you'll need to be able to explore as many of the "what-if" scenarios as possible and collaborate with your leaders to create strategies based on the predicted outcomes.

OrgPlus RealTime

Online Version

OrgPlus RealTime is ideal for companies who require:

  • Accessibility: Access any time using your favorite web browser
  • Collaboration: Visualize and plan using a shared employee system of record
  • Flexibility: Role-based security specifies the features and data access for each user
  • Convenience: No software installation and quickly gain access to new capabilities
  • Usability: Simple user interface

OrgPlus 2012

Desktop Version

OrgPlus 2012 is ideal for companies who require:

  • On-premise software: Information is saved locally
  • HRMS connectivity: Import employee data directly from Oracle, SAP, SQL, and other leading providers.
  • Single user: One employee is responsible for creating your company's organizational plans
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