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Insperity OrgPlus® is the solution for creating org charts and tracking key HR metrics.

Simple Org Charts  Strategic Org Planning


Simple Org Charts

Create directory-style org charts with ease. Chances are you have a list of employees in the form of a company directory, payroll system, email client, or another source of data. These systems can export employee names, titles, departments, and contact information to a spreadsheet. With just a simple modification you can import that information into OrgPlus and voila! You have a stylish, boardroom-quality org chart for your entire company! It really is that simple.


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Strategic Organizational Planning

Helping HR Executives, Analysts, HRIS Managers, and Compensation and Benefits Managers view key human capital metrics through strategic organizational planning. OrgPlus helps HR and business leaders easily track and measure crucial metrics all in one place. Additionally, the planning and modeling capabilities enhance the power of OrgPlus and aides with organizational restructuring, growth, and other general workforce changes.

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There are a number of organizational planning resources available

Intelligent Org Charts Thumb

Intelligent Organizational Charts

The power they give your company. Looking for a crystal ball that can predict your organization’s future? Organizational charts give you a clear visual of your people and possibilities.

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 An HR Survival Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions

When companies cohabitate through mergers and acquisitions (M&A), a similar degree of disorder and doubt (and disregard for cinematic gold) can exist. But this is when HR strategists should welcome the spotlight, pushing through the workforce integration process and crafting a better organization.

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 Top Five Workforce Metrics for Your Org Chart

Different companies may need different sets of metrics depending on their particular needs, but some metrics are essential to any business’s org chart.

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