Creating Basic Charts

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a organizational chart.

Creating New Charts

This article describes how to break a large chart into smaller, linked sub-charts.


1. Open OrgPlus. Double-click the OrgPlus icon on your desktop or from the Windows Start menu select: All Programs |Insperity | OrgPlus 

2. Click the File tab and select New to open the New Project dialog box.


3. In the New Project dialog box, select Blank from the list of templates and click OK. The OrgPlus main window displays a blank chart with a single chart box.

Entering Field Information

You can now add information to the chart box.

4. Click on the Select tool tutor1_03.

5. Click to select the chart box

6. Click the box again to edit the contents. Click Name if it is not already highlighted and enter Chris Phillips.


7. Click Title and enter President and CEO.


Tip: Use the Tab key to advance to the next field.

Adding and Deleting Boxes

To add boxes to your chart, click to select the type of box you want to add from the Insert toolbar, which runs vertically along the left side of the main OrgPlus window, and click on any existing box.

There are five chart box types:

tutor1_08 Subordinate
tutor1_09 Left Co-Worker
tutor1_10 Right Co-Worker
tutor1_11 Manager
tutor1_12 Assistant

Adding Assistants

8. Click to select the Assistant tool tutor1_12, then select the box containing Chris Phillips to add an assistant.


Adding Subordinates

9. Click to select the Subordinate tool tutor1_08, select the box containing Chris Phillips to add a subordinate.


10. Click the Select tool tutor1_03.

11. Select the new subordinate box.

12. Click the box again to edit the contents. Click Name if it is not already highlighted and enter Lynn Brewer.

13. Click Title and enter CFO.

14. Select the Right co-worker tool tutor1_10, and then click four times on the box for Lynn Brewer. Four co-worker boxes are added.



  • The Left co-worker tool adds boxes to the left of the selected box.
  • The Manager tool is used to create a Manager box directly above the selected box.

Deleting Boxes

15. Click the Select tool tutor1_03.

16. Select one of the new, empty subordinate boxes.

17. Press the Delete key. There are now three subordinate boxes.


Changing Branch Styles

You may want to change the branch style for aesthetic or space reasons. OrgPlus offers a large variety of branch styles, which can be applied to any branch in your chart or the entire chart.

18. Click the Select tool tutor1_03.

19. Select all of Lynn Brewer’s subordinates by double-clicking one of her subordinate boxes.


20. Click the Home tab and click the Chart Styles button tutor1_19 to open the Chart Styles menu.

21. Click to select the one column vertical style tutor1_20. The boxes under Lynn Brewer are reformatted as shown below:


22. Select other sets of subordinates by double clicking them and then change their styles to match the diagram below. Remember to use the Chart Styles button tutor1_19 to change the branch style once a set of subordinates has been selected.


Saving your Work

You should save your work periodically.

23. Click the File tab tutor1_01a and select Save.

If you have never saved the current chart before, a Save As dialog box is displayed.

24. Enter the desired file name and then click Save.

Congratulations! You have completed Tutorial 1.