Working with Groups


The Groups feature enables you to define a sub-set of a chart that meets a set of user-defined criteria. All boxes that do not belong to this sub-set (or group) are then shaded when this group is selected.


  • With your chart open, click the Review tab and select Manage from the Groups section.


    The Manage Groups dialog box opens.


  • Click Add.
  • Enter the group name and define the criteria for group members.
  • Use the Group Display Options tab to define how you want boxes that are not members of the group to be displayed.


    In the following example, we created two groups, one for Active employees and one for full time employees:


  • Click OK.

Note: Use the Constants button to include any defined constants in your selection criteria. See “Using Constants” in the OrgPlus User Guide inside the application for more information.

Click OK to exit the Manage Groups dialog box.

Use the Groups drop-down list on the Groups toolbar to apply different groups to your chart.

Select All Boxes if you do not want to apply a group to your chart.