Protecting Your Project


If your project is saved on a shared network, you may want to set a password to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. Each time you open the password protected chart you will be prompted to enter this password.


To password protect projects:

  • With your project open, click the File tab and select Prepare | Protect Project.


    The Protect Project dialog box opens.


  • Enter a password in the Password field, and enter it again in the Confirm Password field.
  • Click OK. The project is now password protected.

Note: Once you have protected a file, any user is prompted for a password whenever the file is opened.

To unprotect projects:

  • With your project open, click the File tab and select Prepare | Unprotect to open the Password Required dialog box.


  • Enter the password and click OK. The project is now unprotected.

Note: DO NOT forget the password. Once a project is protected, no one can access it without the password, not even the author.

Viewing Project Properties

The Project Properties dialog box provides standard file information and attributes, user-entered file identification, and OrgPlus project statistics. This feature is similar to File Properties available in Microsoft Office applications.

To view Project Properties:

  • The user has to go to File > Prepare > Project PropertiesThe Project Properties dialog box includes the following tabs:
    • General: Shows standard file data, statistics, and attributes, and a custom option that enables you to lock field properties.
    • Summary: Enables you to enter authoring details about the project.
    • Contents: Provides OrgPlus project statistics.
    • Records: Total number of records in the project as a whole, including records applicable to hidden boxes.
    • Orphans: Number of unassigned boxes in the project.
    • Project Contents:
      • Statistics for each individual chart in the project, such as the number of boxes and sub-charts.
      • A listing of the directories, profiles and reports defined for this project.

    Note: You can modify fields in the Summary tab but you cannot modify any fields in the General or Contents tabs.

  • Click OK to save changes and close the dialog box.