Creating Fixed Size Boxes


By default, OrgPlus automatically sizes chart boxes. Some users may want to set some chart boxes to a fixed size.

The following procedure describes how to force one or more boxes in your chart to a fixed size.


  • With your chart open, select one or more boxes.
  • Click the Format tab and select Layout from the Box Properties section.
  • Select the Box Sizing tab.
  • Select the Fixed Width radio button.
  • To apply the change to your entire chart, select the Entire chart radio button in the Apply to area.
  • Click OK.

Now, instead of automatically resizing boxes when different size text strings are typed (or imported) into boxes, OrgPlus will truncate string to ensure they fit into fixed size boxes.

To resize a box, you can use the control points on any selected box or manually enter the size (use the Box Sizing tab in the Box Properties dialog).