Conditional Formatting


Conditional formatting allows you to dynamically apply formatting to a sub-set of a chart that meets a set of user-defined criteria.


To create a conditional format:

  • Click the Home tab and select Conditional Formatting from the Styles section.


    The Conditional Formatting dialog box is displayed.


  • Click Add. The Conditional Formatting Properties dialog box is displayed.


  • Enter the condition name in the Condition Name field.
  • Define the criteria for the condition as follows:
    • Define the first search criteria expression by selecting from the Field Name and Comparison dropdown lists. Then enter the comparison string in the Contents field.
    • Define any additional search criteria in the second and subsequent lines by selecting the And/Or search condition for each line.
    • Select Match Case to match only words that are capitalized the same way as the text in the Contents field.
    • Select Whole Word Only to match only complete words that match the Contents field entries.
  • Click OK. The Conditional Formatting Rule is added to the list of rules in the Conditional Formatting dialog box.
  • Click to select the condition and use the Format Box and Format Fields buttons to define a format.
  • Click Clear Format to reset the formatting.


  • Click OK. The format is applied to all boxes in all charts that meet the condition.

Note: You can disable a condition by clearing that condition’s check box.

To reorder a conditional format:

Each condition is applied to the chart starting with the first condition and ending with the last condition. Any box in your chart may satisfy two or more conditions. In this case you may need to reorder conditions to achieve the desired formatting.

  • Select Conditional Formatting from the Format menu. The Conditional Formatting dialog box is displayed.
  • Select a condition.
  • Click the up arrow KBCF_05┬áto move the condition up.
  • Click the down arrow KBCF_06to move the condition down.
  • Click OK to close the Conditional Formatting dialog box.