OrgPlus RealTime Professional Knowledgebase

Does the application utilize technology like JavaScript and cookies?
How do I update my data?
How do I add Users?
Can I restrict content based on the user and their role?
How do I add or map my fields?
How do I view my log events?
How do I add/edit a view to my organization?
How do I add filters?
How do I add profiles?
How do I authenticate/authorize users?
How do I disable/enable my organization?
How do I duplicate my organization?
How do I delete my organization?
How do I edit my organization?
How do I download my employee data?
How do I schedule automatic refreshes for my employee data?
I cannot get out of the function I was working in? Where’s the exit or close buttons?
How do I modify what displays on a box?
How do I add a supplemental file?
How do I provide other employees with a copy of the chart?
I closed my browser / browser tab and I am not being logged out of the application. What can I do to log out?
Best practices for publishing your chart to HTML
Adding a logo to your chart
Automated employee data updates
Multi-Source Data Aggregation
Uploading photos in OrgPlus RealTime Professional
Does the SSO user session timeout because of inactivity?
What am I required to provide or need to do in order to enable single sign-on (SSO)?
I have switched to single sign-on (SSO), what happens to my passwords stored in OrgPlus RealTime?
I have switched to single sign-on (SSO), what will happen if I try to log in from the OrgPlus RealTime sign-in page?
Where do I obtain the Metadata file in Azure AD?
Where do I obtain the Issuer URL in Azure AD?
I’m having trouble accessing OrgPlus RealTime from my application dashboard. Who do I call?
How do I create custom colors for employee boxes?