OrgPlus RealTime Professional FAQs

If I choose not to renew my subscription of OrgPlus RealTime, what happens to my information?

How long are subscriptions?

Is my information safe?

What are the key benefits of OrgPlus RealTime?

At what point should I consider OrgPlus RealTime if I am a current desktop user?

Is Support Included?

What is the difference between OrgPlus RealTime and OrgPlus Version 11?

What web browsers are supported?

Can I have multiple charts for the different divisions of my company?

What is single sign-on (SSO)?

What are the benefits of single sign-on?

If I’m interested in single sign-on (SSO) who do I contact?

What identity and access management applications are supported?

How long does it take to implement single sign-on (SSO)?

I have switched to single sign-on (SSO), can I still log in at