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Convert evaluation version to full version of OrgPlus


Run OrgPlus on Apple Mac

Fixed Size Boxes

Dates and Formulas

Compare Charts

Multi-record boxes

Printing multi-page charts

Creating Sub-charts

Formula Fields

Protecting Your Project

Photo Manager

Working with Groups

Conditional Formatting

Creating OrgPlus Templates

Adding a Corporate Logo to Your Chart

Dotted-Lines and Microsoft PowerPoint 2003

OrgPlus and Microsoft Organization Chart

Adding fields

Modify chart title

Printing charts

Create a Headcount

Create Profiles

Create Hotspots


Consolidating multiple charts

Using the ‘Format’ and ‘Special’ Advanced Data Fields

Importing Auxiliary Reports

Data Refresh

Maximum number of boxes that can be imported in OrgPlus Professional

Importing Data from Oracle

Importing Data using LDAP

Importing Data from SAP


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