Scheduling employee data updates

This application note describes how to set up and verify the OrgPlus RealTime scheduler feature. The scheduler is a convenient and secure method for your OrgPlus RealTime administrator to automatically refresh your employee data. Using the scheduler is secure, saves time, and ensures that the employee data and photos remain current.

Employee data transfer to OrgPlus RealTime Professional


Export employee data from your HRMS

The first step is to export your employee data from your HRMS. It’s likely that your HRMS can be configured and scheduled to export your employee data to a file formatted for OrgPlus RealTime. Many customers export their employee data weekly. OrgPlus RealTime supports the following employee data source file formats: .txt, .csv, .xls, and .xlsx. Once you’ve exported the employee data from your HRMS, you will need to set up your FTP client and built-in scheduler to automatically transfer your employee data source to Insperity’s FTP mailbox.

Set up the secure FTP transfer to the Insperity FTP mailbox

The FTP transfer is accomplished using a secure and managed file transfer application. This application may be an installed client application or a cloud application depending on the vendor and product you choose. Once configured, the FTP client will transfer the employee data source file to your unique Insperity FTP mailbox at the scheduled time.

If you’re like many customers, you’ll want to use your employee photos. We suggest setting up the FTP client scheduler now to transfer your photos to Insperity’s FTP mailbox. Your photos need to be transferred to the folder within the Insperity FTP mailbox labeled “images.”

OrgPlus RealTime supports the following photo file formats: .bmp, .jpg, and .png. All photos should be in a portrait orientation and with the following dimensions and resolution: 100×128 pixels and 72ppi.

Your Insperity FTP mailbox size is limited to 500MB for employee data and photos.


Our setup steps below are applicable for the Ipswitch WS_FTP client. Your setup wizard may vary slightly depending on the FTP client your organization uses. *Make sure SSL ports 6980-7000 are open.

1. Install the FTP client on the OrgPlus RealTime administrator’s PC. The FTP client must reside on the OrgPlus RealTime administrator’s PC.
2. Create a label or site name.
a. Example: OrgPlus RealTime Employee Data.
b. Example: OrgPlus RealTime Photos (optional).
3. Set the connection type to FTP/SSL (AUTH SSL).

4. Enter the server address:

5. Enter the username and password.

  • must be associated to the OrgPlusRealTime administrator
  • username must be in the following|your username (note the ‘pipe’ between the URL and username)


  • If you change the OrgPlus RealTime administrator’s password, remember to update the password in your FTP client.

6. On the Finish Screen click the Advanced button
7. Click the Advanced section in the left navigation
8. Disable Use Passive mode for data connections
9. Set Remote Port to 21

10. Click Ok

11. Click Finish
12. Click Trust this certificate and Ok to accept the Insperity Certificate

13. Open the data folder on the right-hand side (destination).
14. Choose the employee data source file or photo files on the left-hand side (source).
15. Click the right pointing arrow in the center
Please note that your employee data source file name must match the file name of the data source originally uploaded for the domain. See the dialogue box below.

Tip: Most FTP clients allow incremental transfers for only new files or files that have changed.
16. Configure the FTP client scheduler in accordance with the application used. Remember to set up the scheduler so the FTP transfer occurs shortly after the employee data has been exported from your HRMS.