How OrgPlus Helps Your Business Succeed

OrgPlus RealTime by Department

Traditional org charts are static documents that may not accurately depict the multidimensional and ever-changing nature of modern companies. Intelligent org charts take you beyond the boxes and lines, reshaping the organizational landscape while helping HR and management teams address challenges.

Human Resources


Keep track of important HR metrics, such as performance management, succession planning, attrition rates, workforce composition, etc.

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Easily view key areas for controlling costs, such as time and attendance data, retention and turnover, or customer service and support data…

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View and track key sales performance metrics, quotas, pipeline opportunities, forecasts, and win/loss statistics. Fully customizable based on your specific business criteria.

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Companies that use OrgPlus

Measuring your company’s performance is limitless…

Taking the Pain out of Budgeting and Planning

Most companies go through a budgeting and planning exercise at least once a year. Although the process can differ based on company size, line of business or industry, at a minimum, most companies go through an annual process to estimate their revenue and expenses for the following year. Learn more.

Monitoring KPIs to Improve Business Performance

KPIs are key metrics, such as “Sales per FTE” or “Customer Conversion Ratio,” that help an organization manage progress toward organizational goals. Although there are a number of standard KPIs that most organizations use to track performance, many companies choose to define their own KPIs to match their particular business challenges. Using KPIs and dashboards is the easiest way for an organization’s executive team to monitor vital organizational statistics. Learn more.

Getting Results From Your Investment in Learning Management

Learning management is the unified process of managing employee capability growth and career development through focused learning. Successful, forward-looking enterprises transform their learning management functions from cost centers to key investments by closely linking training to key business objectives. Learn more.

Creating a Process for Effective Succession Planning

Succession planning establishes a process that recruits employees, develops their skills and abilities and prepares them for advancement, all while retaining them to ensure a return on the organization’s training investment. Learn more.

Unifying Your HR Systems for a Holistic Workforce View

OrgPlus RealTime Professional gives you a holistic view of your organization by connecting not only to your HRMS and ERP systems, but also by reaching into other HR systems, such as Recruitment, Performance and Compensation. You no longer need to login to multiple applications and run 10 reports to get answers to critical business questions. Learn more.