Group multiple employees in a box to improve your layout

In some business cases, a manager might have a high number of employees reporting directly to them, thus, leading to the challenge of creating an aesthetically pleasing organizational chart. This scenario can leave an organizational chart too flat, extremely horizontal, and white space becomes an issue when viewing or publishing the chart.


In the example above, there are two managers that have 31 employees each reporting to them. The default branch style and layout creates too much white space above and below in the workspace. The employee data is not legible and the same results are carried over when publishing the org chart to share with others.

Here’s the fix! Use the marquee tool and the box list options in OrgPlus RealTime to enhance the layout of your organizational chart.


First select the marquee tool icon to enable this feature.


Click and drag your cursor to select the employees you need to group together.


Next, select the branch style drop down to reveal the branch style options. Then, select box list left from the choices.


Those employees are now grouped into one box. Next repeat the process for the rest of the employees reporting to this manager.


Start the grouping process for the other manager.


As you progress through this process you will see the organizational chart and multiple record boxes take shape.


The complete org chart should look similar to this example. The resulting changes leave your organizational chart legible and ready to share.