OrgPlus 2012

With OrgPlus you get more than just a basic org chart and pretty picture - it's a holistic view of your entire organization, with all the information you need to view, analyze and communicate your workforce issues. OrgPlus is an excellent business planning tool that empowers your organization to make better and smarter workforce decisions.

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Boardroom-quality org charts

OrgPlus helps you create boardroom quality org charts fast - no drawing required. Just type names, titles and information into each box, and the chart builds automatically. No manual positioning or connecting needed! Just drag one of 36 professionally designed templates onto your chart and it becomes presentation quality in no time.

Who wants to make an org chart from scratch when you already have all your employee data in another program? Include detailed HR data from any source and link sub-charts for easy navigation of tens to hundreds of employees. See your company data, fast.

Planning and analysis

Model - Built specifically to manage and display org charts of varying complexity, OrgPlus features a dynamic interface that automatically adjusts as you add or remove boxes. Update your charts in seconds - not hours or days. Reorganize a department, division or your entire company with intuitive click drag features.

Analyze - The org chart is just the beginning. OrgPlus is designed for business planning. Quickly create data-rich charts that display headcount calculations, salary rollups, average tenure or any other data crucial to making informed decisions. By transforming data into insight, the workforce analytics in OrgPlus help organizations adapt and respond to change.

Formatting your organizational chart

Conditional formatting - Dynamically apply formatting to a sub-set of a chart that meets a set of user-defined criteria. For example, visually identify your company's top performers.

Professional templates - OrgPlus provides more than 30 best-practice templates to create a professional organizational chart in minutes. Need to create something specific, you can build your own custom templates and save it to apply to future charts.

Share your org charts with colleagues

Print - Tap into the real power of OrgPlus by publishing charts and reports and sharing them with your team.

Publish to HTML - Whether it's sharing on a company intranet site or sharing on the web, publishing to HTML makes it simple to share your company's organizational structure in all the popular web browsers. No programming required.

Publish to other applications - Inserting flexible org charts in Word or PowerPoint documents is simple with the OrgPlus toolbar. Just click on the OrgPlus icon, create your chart and save - it's instantly added to your document. Publish to PDF and include all of the navigation features of OrgPlus - drill down into sub-charts and explore your entire company.

Automate your org chart data and create workforce analytics

Automation - Import your data from external sources including flat files, Excel, ODBC, SQL Server, LDAP and Active Directory.

Or connect your HCM system with adapters specifically designed for PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP, Lawson, Kronos, and more. Save time and improve visibility with OrgPlus.

Stay in Sync - Setup data refreshes, so as changes occur in your company that information is up to date in your org chart.

OrgPlus vs. Visio and PowerPoint

Visio and PowerPoint are good for drawing simple diagrams, but they lack the flexibility needed for creating and managing organizational charts. Once you draw your chart in the static programs, you're stuck. Any changes will require adjusting multiple boxes or re-drawing the whole chart.



Visio & Powerpoint

Basic org charts
Import multiple field employee data
Automatic sub-charts
Best practice views and templates
Scalable for 100s or even 1000s of employees
Publish to PDF with navigation
Publish to HTML with navigation
Custom calculations and formulas
Customizable reports
Employee directories

Which edition of OrgPlus is right for your organization?

OrgPlus Standard - the easiest way to create professional looking org charts.

OrgPlus Professional - automate importing and publishing

OrgPlus Premium - change tracking, robust reporting and archiving capabilities


Get the most out of OrgPlus by attending training sessions tailored to fit your needs and purchased version.

Open session training refers to one trainer and multiple organizations in an online classroom-style setting.

Closed session training refers to one trainer and one organization.

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Support and maintenance

Keep up-to-date and get the most out of OrgPlus with a support and maintenance plan. Plans include live priority technical support, free product upgrade and updates. Rest assured that you have the latest OrgPlus features at your fingertips and the ability to reach out to our priority support staff when you need it.

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