OrgPlus 2012

The Industry Standard Organizational Charting Software

Featuring a redesigned user interface, embedded best practices and many more time saving additions, OrgPlus 2012 is the most powerful update yet to the award winning OrgPlus software. Please refer to the table below to see feature highlights.

New Welcome Panel

Welcome Panel

The welcome panel is easier to get additional help and visualize rich information about your workforce when you return to the application.

  • Changes visible in all versions of the product
  • Added username to the title bar
  • Added Recent Charts
  • Consolidated items in the new boxes
    • Created Get Started box
    • Moved Import Data to Get Started box
    • Moved Sample Charts to Get Started box
    • Removed Resources box
OrgPlus 2012

Import Wizard*

The import wizard has fewer steps and decisions, improved messaging, and additional help to quickly start visualizing information important to your organization.

  • Less decisions and easier to get started
  • The application begins with the import wizard instead of opening a network drive
  • Quickly import the employee data with the option to exclude fields
  • Quickly visualize the data in a chart
  • Removed creating subcharts, insert orphans, sort boxes and applying templates from the import process. You now have the ability to do these things after the data is imported.
  • Start from Hierarchy screen to Identify fields screen and then import is completed.
OrgPlus 2012 Staging Area


Planning and modeling enables what-if scenarios to help make better decisions. A staging area was added to drag and drop boxes to plan organizational changes.

  • Functional with the Track Changes feature
  • "Park" boxes until you decide where you want to place them
  • Move a whole branch or just individuals
  • Hierarchy is maintained if a whole branch is moved
OrgPlus 2012 Track Changes

Track Changes**

The track changes feature was improved. Cutting and pasting a box in a new location is now tracked as a “move” operation to make the change reporting more accurate.

Box Layout

Box Layout

Box Properties now shows a real preview of what changes will look like before saving your changes

Field Inheritance

Field Inheritance

  • Boxes can now inherit data from managers or peers
  • Eliminates from having to enter the same data several times
Multi-Record Box with Sub-Charting

Multi-Record Box with Sub-Charting

  • Changes are visible in all versions of the product
  • Create sub-charts for multi-record boxes
Web Publishing Improvements

Web Publishing Improvements

  • Can now publish to Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Safari and Chrome
  • Backward compatibility - charts published in older versions will be able to be published in 2012
Custom Predefined Reports

Customize Pre-Defined Reports

  • User can copy the pre-defined reports
  • Then edit the report to fit their needs
  • Save the new report, leaving the pre-defined report intact, for later use

* Available in OrgPlus Professional and Premium only
**Available in OrgPlus Premium only

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