OrgPlus RealTime Professional

The most strategic organizational planning application for HRIS Managers, HR Analysts, and other Application Managers

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Crucial HR metrics at your fingertips

Stop trying to manage your data in disparate systems, centralize all of your HR data in OrgPlus to accurately measure what is important to you and your business leaders. You can track and visualize at-a-glance headcount, span-of-control, total salaries by department and more. See more.


Multiple Data Source 2

Automate work flows 

Let OrgPlus do the work for you.  Stop manipulating spreadsheets on the front end and use OrgPlus’ powerful formulas and ability to aggregate data from multiple sources. OrgPlus does the heavy lifting with scheduled refreshes so you see important company data when you want it.  Set it up once and your information will always be there for you. See more views.

A tool for rapid growth

If your company is in a growth phase, OrgPlus can model the impact of that growth on your business and workforce. Whether you’ve recently experienced a series of mergers and acquisitions or have grown organically, you’ll be able to visualize and know the impact these changes will have on salaries, span-of -control, and human capital budgets.


Workforce management

OrgPlus can guide you through workforce changes.  Quickly move pieces of your organization around to show potential reorganization plans. Once created, share these plans with other key stake holders in your organization for insight, review, and finalization of the new workforce plan.

Talent retention

The most important investment a business can make is in their people, so why aren’t you keeping track of the development of your workforce? OrgPlus can help! Monitor employee performance, tenure, coaching and development metrics. Identify performance, position, and skill gaps which can lead to unproductive or potential flight risk employees.



Keep track of training and development

Pin-point and track various training and development metrics of your employees. Identify gaps in skill sets and highlight needed training and development, track training progress and completion, review average hours of training per employee, and training costs per employee. OrgPlus can also help identify employee placement based on job qualifications with the right skill sets.

Reveal key workforce metrics

OrgPlus RealTime provides intuitive tools to help you plan for the future. Intelligent organizational charts help you visualize key performance indicators and talent to make intelligent decisions. Real-time, unified charts deliver analytics about your organization and its key performance metrics.

OrgPlus RealTime Budget and Planning

Manage workforce changes and plan accordingly

Create new plans and develop unlimited what-if scenarios using the convenient, easy-to-use staging area. Scenarios take less than an hour to complete, and you can share them with management to visualize a reorganization, merger and acquisition, before it takes place. You can quickly recalculate salaries and budgets without affecting your core organizational view.

OrgPlus RealTime Planning Mode

Visualize key business metrics

Human Resources

Go beyond the basic org chart with OrgPlus RealTime and visualize multiple components of your human resource data. Learn more.


Put OrgPlus RealTime to work helping your managers become more strategic in running their departments. Learn more.

Sales Performance

Give your sales managers the ability to view individual and team performance for in-depth pipeline analysis. Learn more.

What to expect with your OrgPlus RealTime trial?

We provide a free 14-day free trial of our Express edition. You will have the capability to create hierarchical org charts with basic employee contact information. Our free account options include charting up to 500 employees, custom views, eight themes to choose from, and the ability to upload employee photos.

Our Professional edition has many more options and customization for strategic organizational planning. We recommend you try our Express edition and then speak with one of our business performance specialists to assist with the appropriate solution for your business needs.

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