OrgPlus RealTime Professional

Organizational planning and visualization of your entire business

Online org chart software – analyze key business and human resource metrics

Data at your fingertips

Bring workforce and business data stored in multiple databases or systems into OrgPlus RealTime for a centralized, unified, up-to-date view. You no longer need to access multiple applications or run numerous reports to find answers to critical business decisions.


Improve business performance and align your workforce with your business objectives by making data available to relevant employees. Examples include reporting relationships, potential flight risks, succession planning, underperforming business units and more.

Role-based access

Grant read-only or full access based on business needs. Information can be customized for specific business and user requirements.

Reveal key workforce metrics

OrgPlus RealTime provides intuitive tools to help you plan for the future. Intelligent organizational charts help you visualize key performance indicators and talent to make intelligent decisions. Real-time, unified charts deliver analytics about your organization and its key performance metrics.

OrgPlus RealTime Budget and Planning
OrgPlus RealTime Planning Mode

Manage workforce changes and plan accordingly

Create new plans and develop unlimited what-if scenarios using the convenient, easy-to-use staging area.

Scenarios take less than an hour to complete, and you can share them with management to visualize a reorganization, merger and acquisition, before it takes place. You can quickly recalculate salaries and budgets without affecting your core organizational view.

Mobile organizational planning

Visualize your organization anywhere using a tablet device. Your team can switch effortlessly between compensation, performance, employee directory or non-workforce data that’s important to your business.

Visualize key business metrics

Human Resources

Go beyond the basic org chart with OrgPlus RealTime and visualize multiple components of your human resource data. Learn more.


Put OrgPlus RealTime to work helping your managers become more strategic in running their departments. Learn more.

Sales Performance

Give your sales managers the ability to view individual and team performance for in-depth pipeline analysis. Learn more.

Get started with OrgPlus RealTime

Take OrgPlus RealTime for a test drive with our Express Edition. It’s intuitive, with built-in help tools, to get you started and quickly create boardroom-quality org charts.