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Overview of the OrgPlus on premise solution

OrgPlus RealTimeDownload
Overview of the OrgPlus cloud based solutions

OrgPlus RealTime ProfessionalDownload
Detailed Overview of the Professional Edition of OrgPlus RealTime


Top Five Workforce Metrics for Your Org ChartDownload
We dig deep and define the basic metrics you should be examining to assess the health of your organization as a whole

Pinpointing Your Company’s Key PlayersDownload
Building a staff of well-recruited, well-trained employees is only the beginning of your company’s journey. Things change – constantly. And being able to deal with that change and emerge a better organization is the goal of any business

Organizational Planning: Why Your Business Needs ItDownload
The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. In the business world, however, the only absolute is the starting point and the line is never straight


Intelligent OrgchartsDownload
Looking for a crystal ball that can predict your organization’s future? Organizational charts give you a clear visual of your people and possibilities

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OrgPlus RealTime

Business Visualization
Navigating your chart is easy. Pan and zoom to see the different levels of your organization, drill down into a specific branch, or focus on an individual employee.

Role Based Security
With Insperity OrgPlus RealTime, you control not only the information that goes into each chart and how it looks, but also who sees what.

Online Collaboration
Be prepared for a number of workforce changes. Planning and modeling allows you to map out what-if scenarios for succession planning, as well as mergers and acquisitions.

Customizable Views
There’s no need to cram every bit of an employee’s data into one box. You have the power to create and customize different views based on the information you want to see.

Conditional Formatting
Control the appearance of your chart boxes by highlighting data that meets your specified criteria.

Searching and Filters
Use searching and filters to quickly identify the people, metrics and employee data you need.

OrgPlus RealTime Interactive Tour
Explore the key capabilities of OrgPlus RealTime at a high-level.


General Navigation
Learn about general navigation within OrgPlus by exploring top navigation, tool bar, and additional resources located in the welcome panel. The welcome panel includes application help such as recent charts, data importing, viewing sample data and tutorials.

Sub-charting Employees
Enabling sub-charts helps you break down your chart at different levels to better navigate your entire organization. Rather than seeing your entire organization, drill down in the chart by clicking the sub-chart arrows.

Choosing Data Source
OrgPlus Professional and Premium editions accept data from a number of source types. This video demonstrates importing data via an Excel file. Know what information is required to build an organizational chart using OrgPlus.

Basic Formatting OrgPlus offers several basic formatting methods. Learn how to change the color palette of the chart, the appearance of the boxes, and see some of the pre-built views that come standard with OrgPlus.

Master Page Formatting
Customize your chart using the Master Page. Learn how to place custom elements to your org chart like changing background colors and adding a company logo.

Advanced Formatting
Learn how to utilize conditional formatting for quick identification of information that is important to you.

Additional Side Panels
Learn the functionality of the profile, directory and search panels within OrgPlus.