OrgPlus RealTime

Using Multiple Data Sources with OrgPlus RealTime Professional

Why use multiple data sources with OrgPlus RealTime?

The challenge today with many companies is the data they collect are located in disparate systems. This can lead to multiple logins and leaves many users without the luxury of having a holistic view of their organization’s performance. Users of OrgPlus RealTime can overcome this challenge by centralizing their data and visualizing powerful business metrics in an organizational chart.

Where is all of this data coming from?

Data lives in many places, across multiple systems. It’s coming from time and attendance, performance management, compensation, and a wide variety other HR and non-HR systems. You may not have realized that OrgPlus RealTime provides you with a vehicle to visualize all of that data in a more natural way, and within a single application.

Why is it important to have all your company data in a single application?

Your organization will be equipped to make better decisions based on data, not just gut feeling or emotion. The feature in OrgPlus RealTime that allows you to consume and visualize data from multiple systems is referred to as data aggregation.


What are some examples of data?

Performance management

Example of Performance Management Data

Time and attendance

Example of Time and Attendance Data

Acquired employees

Example of Acquired Employees Data